Hello there! 


We are two besties who met 10 years ago at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Shayne from Australia and Tara from everywhere else. After spending the last 5 years on opposite sides of the planet, we have found ourselves most unexpectedly and most delightedly reunited in beautiful Amsterdam. As students, we often dreamed about one day setting up a practice space together. One that was about connection and community, not just chiropractic... less of an office and more of a clubhouse! 


Our time in practice has taught us that un-learning is just as important as learning. We have more questions now than we did as students and are having fun following our curiosities and exploring what else is possible! As a result, our practice space and style is constantly evolving. 


The way we see it, we are humans first and everything else second. Human beings, not human doings. In short, we are two best friends who love to dance, take our snacks very seriously and know that imagination is more important than information!


The Clubhouse is our brand newest adventure, we can’t wait to see where it goes and who joins in to play along the way. There’s room for everyone, come discover with us! 


(and bring your slipperiest socks)



Shayne & Tara

Image by NASA

What is BGI?

Bio-Geometric Integration is an approach within chiropractic that acknowledges this law of nature. The universe works in observable geometric patterns, constantly creating and communicating through frequency and vibration. The laws of nature show us that our body (and indeed everything) is not just physical, but made almost entirely of energy. You are a highly connected, infinitely intelligent and dynamic system; constantly learning and evolving.

Every new experience we have in life is an opportunity for us to learn and grow... We all know that some parts of life are easier to process than others! Those more challenging experiences (be they physical, chemical, spiritual or emotional) can sometimes be too much for us to process all at once. These unprocessed experiences tend to “stick” with us and cause tension to build up in the body. Over time, this can contribute to physical discomfort/health challenges, feeling emotionally drained or just a bit out of balance and not quite ourselves (as well as many other manifestations!).

Quantum science tells us that everything exists in an intricate web of physical and energetic connections. In BGI we work with this understanding of energy, resonance and vibration; allowing us to assess and facilitate the body in a very gentle and specific way. This helps the body to process experiences it is ready to learn from, release physical tension and facilitate healing. Most importantly, it allows an opportunity for you to reconnect to and express your truest self with greater ease.

That’s the short story for now.

If you would like (far) more detail on BGI and chiropractic, click here to read a document written by Dr Sue Brown DC.

If you would like to learn more about the bigger picture of how everything is connected and just how connected everything is, check out the Resonance Academy. Their research is amazing.